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Achieve the smiles you've always dreamed about. Along with high quality and expertise, we also deliver excellence in customer service.


There are life-changing benefits of dental implants. But what makes dental implants the “gold standard” in tooth replacement? Schedule your consultation.

IV Sedation

Conscious sedation is a safe, controlled and reversible option for the reduction of anxiety, memory and time perception during a procedure.

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Taking Care of Your Dental Health


Your care will not be dictated by your insurance company. We feel that this is a very important part of making sure our patients get the very best care available.

Patient Priority

Duggan Dental Patients have access to our after-hours emergency dental line. Giving you peace of mind and confidence that we are always here for you.

Local Care You Can Trust

We aim to form relationships with our patients that make a trip to the dentist more like a trip to visit a friend...

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